Friday, April 20, 2007

More great reviews for Right of Passage

David FranceyRight of Passage (Laker Music)

A lot of musicians wax rhapsodic about the vagabond life; David Francey knows better. A Scottish native and Canadian immigrant, Francey has buttered his bread as a rail worker, a carpenter, an ore carrier shipmate, and a Yukon bush wrangler. He’s also won Juno Awards and has written some of the best songs you’ll ever hear. “Ballad of Bowser McCrae” and “Promised Land” are spirited sea song/Celtic hybrids; whereas “Their Wedding Day” and “Under the Portland Weather” are deeply personal observations wrapped in intimate folk melodies. “New Jerusalem” stops you in your tracks by cutting through the faux piety of murder in the name of Yahweh or Allah. Every song on this album tells you that David Francey is a plebeian poet who can make the prosaic sublime.— Rob Weir,
The Valley Advocate

David Francey
Right of Passage
Laker Music

I guess, at this point in David Francey’s stellar career, we are down to expecting near perfection delivered with each succeeding album. Well…Right of Passage delivers the proverbial goods once again. Twelve new songs and, unexpectedly, one lovely tune delivered superbly by Geoff Somers on fiddle and mandolin and Craig Werth on guitar and bouzouki. David lends a hand, by droning the shruti box.

The songs range from a lovely portrait of one Bowser MacRae, the third mate on an Algoma Central ore carrier, to a song inspired from the TV news coverage of the Middle East. All are extremely well crafted from this observant, slightly melancholic, and gentle man. He sings from the heart, and the arrangements are simple but effective. I particularly liked Stone Town a portrait of Quebec City in the rain. I’ve been in Quebec City in the rain and he nails it.

So, all in all, another terrific effort from Mr. Francey. Did you really expect anything different? Les Siemieniuk, Penguin Eggs

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