Monday, April 25, 2011

Late Edition Review - Penguin Eggs Magazine

David Francey

Late Edition (Laker Music)

OK- a new David Francey CD arrived. And again I wish I hadn’t heard any of his previous eight releases ... just so I could relive the wondrous surprise and pleasure of hearing him for the first time and instantly knowing he had claimed a place among the best of Canadian song-writers.

Francey has constantly and consistently delivered superior work with each release. This one is no exception – a terrific collection of great songs. On Late Edition he once again joins forces with Kieran Kane and Fats Kaplin along with guitarist Richard Bennett and Lucas Kane on drums in a recording done live off the studio floor in Nashville.

What we get from his experience in Tennessee is a lovely, melancholy-tinged, sparse, and no frills (in the best meaning of the phrase) recording that envelopes you in it’s gentle arms and never let’s go from start to finish.

From the hauntingly beautiful a cappella opening song Borderlands, through the liltingly deceiving Pretty Jackals, to the gentle closing Grateful, lovely song follows lovely song and slowly turns into a gratifying time really well spent. Late Edition is like a perfect evening, passing the time with a good old friend and a few glasses of a fine single malt, discussing love, the latest news, and life in general.

David Francey rarely disappoints with his song writing decisions and this disc is no exception – it’s a corker.

–By les siemieniuk