Thursday, December 21, 2006

Far End of Summer

"Far End of Summer, a brilliant collection of original folk music" Peter Cooper, The Tennessean, Nashville TN

"Torn Screen Door, David Francey's debut release, filtered slowly - mostly by word of mouth - out across Canada… It brought with it, instant credibility. Far End of Summer now follows that wonderful, irresistible initial recording…Once again his lyrics, and the lovely melodies he writes, reach into your heart and stay there. He really has the uncanny knack of writing pithy songs that you end up humming to yourself and thinking about long after you've first heard them. David is a true folk singer in the best sense of the word. Each [of his songs] is a little miniature masterpiece of understatement, yet brimming with insight and emotion. If Torn Screen Door heralded David Francey as a fresh new Canadian voice, Far End of Summer proves he truly belongs."
Les Siemieniuk for Penguin Eggs

Far End of Summer by David Francey awarded a JUNO (the Canadian Academy of RecordingArts and Sciences - CARAS - award) in the Best Roots and Traditional Album - Solo category

Far End of Summer by David Francey voted 2001 Album of the Year
Penguin Eggs, Canada's Folk, Roots and World Music Magazine

Martin Kemp, Calgary Record
"In an age when society seems to be moving at a pace faster than time itself, it is refreshing to come across an album that brings the frantic tempo of life down a few notches. With a beautiful simplicity, David Francey's sophomore release [Far End of Summer] is just that, a non-complicated offering of stirring harmonies, acoustic instrumentation and finely crafted lyrics."

Robert Reid, The Kitchener Record
"David Francey seemed to come out of nowhere when he released Torn Screen Door in 1999. Although the album was hailed by critics everywhere, good old-fashioned word-of-mouth made Francey one of the most exciting traditional folksingers around. Far End of Summer offers 15 songs that pick up where Torn Screen Door left off. In fact, the second album is a seamless continuation of its predecessor."

Gregory R. McGuire, The Antigonish Casket
"His [Francey's] songwriting reveals the love of the country that so often marks a first generation immigrant, and the individual tunes reflect a clear fascination with the diversity of this country and its people. With Far End of Summer, Francey has produced a collection of tunes that hold up very well to repeat listening. This is one of those albums where I find the tunes running through my head even after the CD is over. Francey seems to have absorbed the best of the folk tradition in his very bones, and his vocal stylings are perfectly suited to the music."

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